Organic Chem Head

Old School Organic Chemistry Model

As an undergraduate I studied both organic chemistry and fine art. My favorite part of chemistry was the chemistry models. I sat in a lecture with probably 200 other students only 10 of which were chem majors. Everyone one else wanted to be a doctor.


I spent too ┬ámany hours in an organic chemistry lab do work that I already knew as experimentally know to work. What’s the point of ‘experimenting’ on something then with a known answer! No fun in that.

5 thoughts on “Organic Chem Head

      • In the end my favorite thing to do was ‘electron pushing‘ problems. Though I was ‘taught’ how to do this as a sophomore, I didn’t really get it until I was a senior. Some big concepts take a looooong time to understand. And I don’t think students should feel bad about it.

        • My head hurt after watching this video… My favorite experiment that I did in high school AP Bio was cloning a strand of E Coli. It was dangerous and so much fun. I hate theories but I love the experiments. Unfortunately there is no video of this because it was a extremely complicated process.

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