E-learning has now become part of everyday life. We all use technology for internet use and learn many aspect through it without even realizing that we are learning. The above image shows that E-Learning has is growing in all nations.

4 thoughts on “E-Learning

  1. E-learning is definitely having an impact on education models, and I think there’s a lot of misplaced hope that it will solve all our education problems. I’d love to hear how this image and this idea is one you relate to in your personal undergraduate experience.

    Also I see that you uploaded the image to the site instead of embedding it directly from the URL. Did that not work? Let me know if you need help.

    • Yes I uploaded picture directly from the URL, but it was not opening. so I had to save in documents and then upload it. I like E-Learning. I remember taking one of my math course and we had to all the exams and homework online. I believe that it was fun and I learned a lot in that course. It was in college, but with middle and high school students, its a different story since they really need a push to do work.

  2. What was the URL? Could you paste it here in a comment? I’d like to help you figure this one out.

    And glad to hear you’re enjoying online spaces for teaching and learning. There’s lots of potential.

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