9 thoughts on “Geo =)

  1. I took Geology one semester and loved it … its alot of fun … this picture is a good choice to represent your major.

  2. What did you do at the falls? Was it just a day trip? Lots of other students?

    It’s great to be able to have the opportunity to “learn” in the real world, out in the open. Same goes here on the open web! 🙂

    I see you uploaded this image to the site, was embedding from a URL not working for some reason? Also, can you hyperlink a piece of text back to the original image?

  3. Honestly prof I don’t know what I was doing when I was uploading the pic…But to your other questions yes it was a class trip and there were other student, we also went upstate to North South lake and camped there..Really beautiful but was veryyy cold!

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