4 thoughts on “Image

  1. Well said! Words to live by beyond college for sure.

    I see that you uploaded the image to our site instead of embedding the image from the original URL. Let me know if you had a problem doing that. Also you reduced the image size as we talked about, but you don’t need to if it’s already 580 pixels wide or less. You can see the width and height in the “advanced settings” after clicking on the edit image button. You can edit them as well.

    Also you should hyperlink some text in your description back to the original URL.

    • Thank you for you’r suggestions.
      I had problem with embedding the image, I forgot how you showed in class. And the image size was more then 580 that’s why I had to reduce it.
      How do you hyperlink text?

  2. There’s a link button at the top of the post form. I looks like two links of a chain. Highlight a word or words and then click that button. You’ll see a place to paste a URL.

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