My Vision of College Today…

The image I selected is homework is evil, it must be stopped!

For most of the classes the homework I do is not relevant to the subject matter. Sometimes I wonder why am i doing homework is it doesn’t relate to me… sometimes doing homework is a big waste of time.

When homework attack your brain.


7 thoughts on “My Vision of College Today…

  1. I agree with what you are saying and too much homework is no good. Teachers, we got a life!!!

  2. i agree i hate homework but at the same time i dont mind it because some homework is actually helpful … and helps me learn the subject more.. yet other homework is so pointless!

  3. @Dhruv if you think you’re not doing your homework in the class will be tolerated, you’re sadly mistaking young man, there will be HELL to pay! 😉

    Show your Avatar some love and get a Gravatar. And edit the image so that it includes a Title and a Link URL. And hyperlink some text in your description back to the source URL.

    Great to see you added a little bio to your profile. You can use html syntax to link your site.

    • Yes of course I always end up doing my homework. But for most of my classes in York, the homework I get is pretty pointless. Yes I have having some issues with Gravatar right now trying to figure this out by tonight after work.

      • Oh I know you’ll do all your homework. Of course you will! I was just trying to bring some levity to the normally dull topic of homework. Yuck!

        I’ll try again. If you don’t do your homework young man I will send you to become a slave to the demon prince and lord of the undead, Orcus.

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