A New Kind of Presentation

David Cormier described an alternative to a slide based presentation in his post about Rhizomatic Learning – Why we teach? This new form of presentation wished to do away with the traditional sequencing of slides with topics with and bullet points. Sounds very anti-rhizomatic, telling the audience,  “here are all the answers to the topics I want you to know, so you better remember them.” So instead he had this idea to create a set of slides that only had a questions on them.

And then using an meeting room online, invited the audience to answer the questions collaboratively as he facilitated the discussion. We’re going to try this out today, but I will need your Gmail email address to do that. So fill out the form below with your gmail account. Thanks everyone I’ve got them all!

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  1. Hi Professor I was feeling under the weather and just wanted to let you know.

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