The Future Teacher

What kind of teacher will I be? Good question! The teacher I expect to be is a teacher that motivates their students to learn and encourages them to do better. Communicating with students is important and recieving feedback from one another is what you learn and understand each person. All the knowledge I have recieved I will continue to pass the message to all students for the benefit for all. I will be a positive role model for my students and give them all the education they need. As a physical education teacher, I will be in an environment with students that are participating and having fun playing activities or sports. I will demonstrate skill and performance for students could gain understanding of what is trying to be taught. Practice would lead my students to success and at the same time having FUN! in which classes you do NOT have.




10 thoughts on “The Future Teacher

  1. its a good thing you want to be a positive role model for the kids because i think thats important for us physical education teachers. most kids look up to us especially since we’re the cool ones

  2. It is very nice to hear that you will be a teacher who will work as a team. We need these types of teachers.

  3. I love the image. Team building is very important in any subject. Keep those children fit!

  4. You can learn a lot by working in team Actually
    student who are quite in class might also learn to talk :P…

  5. I am glad to see that you are enthusiastic to help the students actually have fun in your physical education class, i think being their role model is very important where at the same time their enjoying themselves with their peers. Because i work in a school i can see how bored the kids are when they are in gym class so I’m glad you are going to change that!

  6. I like the picture it shows that you want your students to work in teams and i think thats one of the most important part in teaching. It expands students knowledge and creativity.

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