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Mr. Sickler has a weekly blog that he keeps that summarizes the week and helps students keep up if they missed a day. the blog can be found here at Mr. Sickler’s 6th grade blog. The week that just passed they played games like capture the flag,and Castle Ball. The weather was even posted on the blog and another cool thing is that the students communicate with the teacher throught this blog which is something I would consider doing because I plan to be a role model to my students. The blog also started talking about the next unit the students are going to particpate in. The activity is going to be line dancing. Information about line dancing can be found here.

btw look at the sweet dance moves by the teacher ^ which is only overshadowed by the cool music he chose to dance to

Has little to do with physical education but a great movie


Castle ball lesson plan

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  1. You should try to embed the url link for the video. There is a vimeo icon that you can use before you post the video. Just use the url link and you are all set. And yes MIB was good.

  2. It is great that the students know what the next unit will be. They will be able to prepare ahead of time. What exactly is Castle Ball? Music in a gym class is GREAT!

  3. Castle Ball, i’ve seen this played only once in an elementary school. I will provide a link on my post right now.

  4. I really like this, I wish my gym teacher was cool like that when i was in Btw i like his dance moves very

    • his moves do look robotic. but oh well, I like the effort..I like the pic you have. is that the hulk?

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