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I was searching and searching for a mathematics teacher with a blog that is similar to my idea of making mathematics fun for 7-12 mathematics education. I found a teacher from Massachusetts with a bachelors in mathematics that has been tecahing for three years, with not only a blog set-up but a whole website designed with lesson plans and games we could use in the classroom. I automatically knew I connected with this teacher when I saw his blog of Game 24 which was my favorite mathematics game in 5th grade, and was one of the reasons math became one of my passions. I think a way students can practice mathematics is by playing games. For example with Game 24 you are practicing multiplying, adding, subtracting, dividing and order of operations. And you can play more advanced Game 24 games, that include practicing perfect squares etc.

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  1. Explaining math ideas with games is a great idea. I never heard of Game 24, I will have to read about it. It sounds interesting.

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