Avoid Facebook?

I know I should be blogging about what I’m planning to teach, but while I was looking for scientist blogger, I came across this interesting blogger Doyle and found what he was saying a bit fascinating.

So last semester my Philosophy professor used Facebook to communicate with her students. So she would put up videos and would tell us to discuss certain topics, she also wold make polls in class discussions and make us vote on facebook. I honestly thought it was pretty cool way of better communicating with your class to better spice up things. I even considered doing this when I became a science teacher. I though we can have discussion about scientific topics such as  how students think the universe was born? or even have polls about experiments done in class to see what the students thought of the classwork being done. Especially since everyone these days has a facebook, it can be something that my students will be able to relate too. However reading this I found out facebook is not exactly what I expected.

So here it goes….

1) Facebook is a commercial site that makes big bucks on directed advertisements.

2)Facebook is primarily a social tool, designed to deliver ads designed for you. It is not, and was never intended to be, an educational tool.

3)Mark Zuckerberg keeps changing the ruleson Facebook. (not very private?)

4)Facebook is a shortcut. You’re using a third party with its own agenda to create something useful for your classroom.


Here’s his T-shirt:

Mark Zuckerberg is the CEO of Facebook, above is his t-shirt logo. Here is a busniess card: “I’m CEO….Bitch”….

What do You think about using Facebook in your classroom?

Do you agree or disagree?

And Why?



7 thoughts on “Avoid Facebook?

  1. A professor at York used facebook for class. That is freaking awesome. My question to you was, was the class successful? Did people actually participate? Sounds like a pretty cool idea.

  2. Sadly I was the only person who would comment since I only made facebook for the class. She didnt really stress facebook so much. I think if she did it would have been successful.

  3. That’s cool that the professor used face book, but i dont think its a good way to use facebook.

  4. My sociology professor also used facebook where we had to “like” the page and she would keep us informed with certain class topics but i would have to say that she didnt enforce this, the facebook page for my class was pointless, maybe if she focused on it more or reminded us that this page existed it would have been a good idea, Facebook has always been a commercial site so im not really surprised as for his business card its pretty funny….

  5. This is news to me. I never in my life heard about educators using Facebook for learning. WOW!

  6. I think face book is a great site, but in terms of privacy etc. I don’t think so I think a blog site like the one the professor made is a better way, since he controls it.

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