Education to the 21th Century

The blog that closely resembles what I would teach like is Michael Gorman21 st Century Educational Technology and Learning Blog“. Michael wants to bring the k-12 learning process to the 21th century. Amazing Stop Motion Video Software … It’s Free And Easy…Plus 20 Classroom Uses! focuses on using free software in means of learning which I thought was awesome. The blog I took a look at showcases a new stop motion animation program called Jellycam.

When I learned it was free, although donations are encouraged, I was excited. After all, that is a budget  affordable for any school.


1. Claymation for a multitude of curricular areas

2. Digital Story of any kind

3. Have students explain a content standard

4. Common Craft style video production

5. How to do it (demonstration) video

6. Math story problems (introduction or solution)


Michael embraces new ways of teaching the class. He is a big advocate for online resources that students can use. He is also on the Top 50 Education Innovation Award. That its pretty freaking cool. Introducing new ways of learning is a great way to have your students attention. The students will be engaged and also like the ideas of introducing new ways to learn. Also students get to use these new free technologies to help them create presentations, etc.

Students learning on iPad




3 thoughts on “Education to the 21th Century

  1. Learning on an iPad…I wish I could do that. It is great how students can learn from different technological devices.

  2. Its great, especially now there is so much free resources out there that is open to the mass.

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