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I was impressed by New York science teacher, Greg Benedis-Grab, in his blog,  .In his latest entry dated January 4, 2012 entitled “getting inspired by your studens” , he discussed how resourceful students can be and also how to be flexible in the classroom.Mr.Bendis-Grab made the point of how planning can interfere with spontaniety but points out that.

 If you have a clear understanding of your unit goals then flexibility can be built in without compromising the Science Standards or the scope and sequence of your science program.

I agree that planning is important and when the teacher is prepared he/she can accomodate changes to the lesson.Rhizomatic learning ,although being spontaneous ,does not exclude planning. From this blog I have strengthened my belief in planning and using students’ ideas and experiences to drive my lessons.There are a variety of experiences described by the blogger and science teachers can learn from his lessons .

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7 thoughts on “Flexibility in the classroom

  1. preparing lessons around a students interest is a great way to motivate our students. I remember that my 6th grade english teacher started teaching lessons around my interests which at the time were unsolved mysteries. It made the class fun and I always was looking forward to attend that class every day.

  2. That’s very interesting since practical work is important part of making learning effective.

  3. planning is important for every teacher. I think every teacher should plan before they start the lesson.

  4. This is true for some teachers their students inspire them to plan their lesson plans a certain way, this would help the students be more motivated to learn and it will help the teacher with facilitating their lessons.

  5. To me if a teacher does not plan what he or she will be teaching on that specific day it shows that he or she is not prepared! Planning is an important aspect in teaching!

  6. You sound like you like constructivist ideas about discovery learning, I actually am a big believer in that we have to take students into account when planning lessons because they tend to be more engrossed in the lesson if we take their ideas into consideration. Have you heard about the preschool or kindergarten class that conducts their class only outside and so what the kids want.

  7. Planning ahead is what every educator should do. An educator should not go into a classroom blindly.

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