Future Physical Education

This image represents exactly the topics and learning that I am trying to teach for my future major. Physical education and Health education deals with exactly the words that are listed in this image. I like this image because it represents every category in my major and it is very important to teach these topics to all students. As a Physical education teacher, I will teach sports to students to motivate them to learn and enjoy on what they are participating in and teach the importance of health. Overall, students will have the skills and knowledge on all their participation and progress of PE. the blog I came across can be found here. The last post in his entry discussed how we future physical education teachers are supposed to grade the students. is it participation based? ,performance based?, and or discipline based?

2 thoughts on “Future Physical Education

  1. That is an interesting question at the end of your post. I believe that we should grade mostly on participation because I know me and the rest of physical education people have students that don’t participate and all they do is sit down an do nothing. its our to motivate our students to try out new sports even if they are not good at it.

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