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After researching I came across a bilingual educator named Ana Lomba who is the writer of “Help Young Children Learn Languages“. Lomba took it upon herself to make a blog where she helps parents out with ways they can teach their child a new language. I can relate to Lomba because wanting to be a future educator in the bilingual field, my main concern would be how and what are the best strategies my kids can use to learn the language. What interested me the most about her writing was that she really focused on the parent’s involvement in the child’s education. She stated that the best school help for the child is the education and guidance you give them yourself. A parent is the only one that knows exactly what their child needs and wants. Because the parent knows their child better than anyone else it is easier to come up with ways for them to learn. The best way for them to grasp a language is interacting with others. Separating the time of rehearsal is also crucial, taking it little by little a day is better than hours a day. According to Lomba the best strategy and secret weapon in language learning children are the encouragement and motivations parents give them. The information Lomba posts on her blogs are very essential for my future teaching career because now I can keep in mind these strategies to better help my students learn the language faster and at the same time involve the parents where we can work as a team.



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  1. I agree keeping parents in the know about what their child is learning is a great way to keep track on what your child is learning and how you can strengthen their weakness.

  2. More parents should be involved in their child’s education. Children need that extra push every so often. I will be a parent who will be involved in my child’s education. Parents also need to give their children room to grow as well.

    • I agree…some parent don’t give their children enough space to become their own person the try to influence their children in becoming something they want them to be.

      • I believe that our parents knows us best. Hence, they know best what our struggles and weakness’ are. However, in order to help us overcome these obstacles our parents have to be involved in our education. Most parents lack involvement in their children’s life which is SAD!

  3. We once had a discussion in one of my classes about parent involvement in their children’s education, One student even came up with the idea of grading parents. I think its essential that parents know what their child is learning in school and also it is their duty to help them in their best ability.

    • yes, but some don’t even care i work in a school where parents have the time to watch their child perform in a school play and they still don’t come. Its a small example but it makes you see the lack of effort from the parent.

    • I like the idea about grading parents, but then again even though my mom wasn’t involved in terms of helping me do my math, spelling etc. she always pushed me to go to school and reminded me that my Dad (r.i.p) always wanted me to become something important. And along the way I had some help from two of my older sisters who also had the privilege of going to school here. and i believe this is common among Hispanic parents who come here, my mother always says she never had an education and that she is ignorant, so what can you do? you can say well they can take a class but what if their schedule doesn’t permit them, then what?

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