Future tecknology education

During the 21st century, the technology is being improve by monthly, especially the internet. Right now almost everything can be finish or deal with internet, such as like application, research, leaning, communication, business etc. The education online has also break the traditional school teaching, it provide students can have more flexibility time to learn what they have to learn/what they want to learn.

I have did the research and find a blog is about the online martial arts school, they have posted the video and provide the online martial arts education.

If you would like to learn basic Taekwondo in your own home before joining a dojo, you can learn for free online from our expert Taekwondo instructor. In this free martial arts training video series, learn basic Taekwondo techniques from expert Taekwondo instructor Sid Nelson.
According to the blog, master Sid Nelson have been experience to use the technology media to teach people how to self-defense and leaning martial arts. That is actually really helpful for me, as a future educator. We all have to lean how to use the technology to educate students. From master Sid Nelson’s experience, he gave me the idea to teach through the different way and seek help the other students through the technology.
In class, students lean from what teacher actually teach them, but they also can lean through the internet and review/preview the blog/website. Isn’t that great?
The following link is the video through the blog:

6 thoughts on “Future tecknology education

  1. I guess that is great but , for me I think you can learn alot from seeing but also from actually doing it, with supervision of course.

  2. Technology makes learning easy since we do not have to attend classes to learn dance, games, and many more things that can be learned through internet.

  3. This is pretty cool the students can learn online or refresh their memory on how to do this. I wouldnt have to take any karate classes now

  4. This video reminded me when i took Karate classes and I am comparing my experience with this video and personally I like a class that you can interact with people. In this case when you teaching a sport or this class is better to have interaction and demonstration with the teacher.
    however technology to teach subjects can be a good idea.

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