Building Vocabulary Words

For this assignment my Bilingual class will take a picture of an everyday object and then translate in English and Spanish.This will help students with their cognitive thinking with their two languages. In addition students would learn new vocabulary in English and Spanish.

 This is an example of my assigment. My Hello Kitty clock/alarm/ radio but I moslty use it for the time so that’s why I wrote clock (Reloj).


7 thoughts on “Building Vocabulary Words

  1. I like this idea. You’re asking your students to create their own visual dictionary. Would make a great daily assignment. “Visual Word of the Day.” Also I think it would be interesting to ask students to add a description of the differences between the two languages’ words. I feel like there could be something in that to ask what they think about the language differences. Makes me think of the ds106 assignment make the untranslatable understood.

  2. To start i love the clock! And i agree this would be a great visual learning idea for the students vocabulary.

  3. Wow. We think alike! I didn’t see this blog before I made my blog, but I am using the same idea to teach English Literature in the future!

    • yeah is a good way for students to learn vocabulary
      especially for newcomers and younger students

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