“A circle is a round straight line with a hole in the middle” By Mark Twain, quoting a schoolchild in “English as She Is Taught”, Century Magazine, May 1887. 

The above quote describes how circle looks. Here is an image describing the circle.

8th Grdae math Students are to find quotes from literature on Circles and then relate those to pictures (can find those from internet) which describe circles. Pictures can be anything that resemble circles.

This is a good practice on teaching geometric figures.

The idea is taken from Visualize that quote, which is to explain a quote using a picture.

6 thoughts on “Circle

  1. What is the grade level of this assignment? I’d worry that it’s a little too conceptually simple. Might you consider asking them to find circles in images on the internet, whether in art, architecture, portraits, etc. Then also find a quote from literature, essays, poems, that speaks about circles, roundness, etc. And then finally making explicit the geometric shape in a title.

  2. There’s a great song about circles called ” The Windmills of Your Mind ” from the movie “The Thomas Crown Affair “. Maybe students can be asked to identify all the images mentioned in the song or create a few of their own.

  3. I used to just take a pen and continue making circles and one day i realized if you really really take your time and look at the scrabble i made, there are words that can be seen…:D cool isn’t it?

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