Describe yourself in ONE image

In this assignment my targeted grade would be 4th grade. At this age students are learning about themselves and what are the qualities they have. For this reason I chose this assignment.

Assignment: Find a picture that describes yourself and explain why.


I choose this image because helping kids has always been a passion for me and i think this image can describe one part of my personalty.


10 thoughts on “Describe yourself in ONE image

  1. Kids are awesome and I want to see them use images to describe themselves. Sounds like a good idea. What do you think should it be find an image or create an image?

  2. i did something similar to this at my job, they loved it. The passion you have for helping kids is great!

  3. When an idea impacts us personally , we tend to be more interested.Students will definitely want to show their individuality.Great exercise!!

  4. sweet idea, it helps the kids better understand their classmates and stuff they like to do after school

  5. The word helping is the main idea here as I see and great thinking for this image, I like it!

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