My own interpretation of a DS 106 assignment.

Well I did the road sign reinterpretation, and I liked it so to create a reinvisioned project like this maybe take a matheatical idea or way of doing something and make it into¬† a story or an idea that will stick to the student’s minnd. Like using sohcahtoa. And so I thought they could use cyberchase as inspiration because they always learn a essential mathematics topic in the show. I’m still working on my example though.

4 thoughts on “My own interpretation of a DS 106 assignment.

  1. As a parent I’ve seen many, many episodes of ‘CyberChase.’ And I think you’re on to something trying to figure how you might create problem solving visual stories that have a conflict based story arch like the show.

    I think a starting point is to think about the math your interested in teaching and how it’s used to solve problems in a practical way. From there you could think about ways to have your students build a narrative.

  2. YES! My teachers used to do the same thing she would use visual stories especially my math teachers i will forever remember SOHCAHTOA!!

  3. lolllllllll..I still watch Cyberchase. it refreshes my memory about what i learned when i was much younger. It also helps me today to help my little sister with her homework.

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