Nothing is Impossible

I like this pic because it shows a beginner weight lifter struggling to lift the barbell. I can use this in weight lifting lessons if I teach high school. This can be motivating to some kids because I can use this pic if I see kids slacking in my class by telling them ” DO YOU WANT TO BE LIKE TIM ?”

for this pic I used Pixlr

11 thoughts on “Nothing is Impossible

  1. So what do you want your students to create? And what do you want them to learn? I like the idea of mashing images of lethargy with famous sporting goods advertising messages such as, “Just Do It.” It might interesting to have students then subsequently describe why the phrase sounds “right” but is idealized and not really talking about life’s complicated circumstances.

  2. high school or even junior high school depending on how mature they are. some kids cant take insults which I plan to use in a playful way when I teach.

  3. I agree with you on the fact that nothing is impossible. We as teacher’s need to stress on the fact and motivate students to stop making limits and boundaries for themselves. We are not in school only to teach but make our students become stronger student’s physically, mentally and emotionally!

  4. Like the picture is cute..
    Since you are showing your students not to give up, I think you should make your students write their goals that they want to accomplish for your class. This would also help them think what their goals are and why they are taking your class. Is a good way to start teaching students goals as well and for you to help them achieve their goal.

  5. Impossible is not a declaration. It’s a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING.” – Adidas.

    I just noticed that I wrote the quote the other way , oh well

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