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Chris Lehmann wants our students voices to matter. His vision of a school is where we not only learn but teach and he highlights I teach __ and fill in the blank. So i would say “I teach Biology.” You try it I teach __?

He explains the world  we live in today is based on technology and we should not just look at it but use it and it helps us learn. He explains he hated Biology when he was younger due to the fact he had to draw the pictures and these students just uploaded them easily and shared them with others.

Lehmann say’s standardized testing is cheap, easy and not good. He explains it is one test students are being trained to take and just fill in the bubbles.

Lehmann wants students to have a vision and to be able to see the world and opportunities through their eyes. Lehmann discusses how important it is for students to interact and get the information on their own. He wants teachers to ask powerful questions and allow our students to explore and discover the many possiblities.

He says we sometimes settle for easy when we need to be demanding. He wants us to bring this diverse wold into our classroom and for students, parents, kids and adults to all work together as a team/community.

Lehmann wants a students school day to make sense, for students to make connections which is very important. He discusses how learning about art and science students can make connections.

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  1. Ms. Melissa lots of great quotes for everyone to think about. And it looks like you did pretty well with your poll in terms of the number of respondents. You hit a nerve!

    For future posts, try and highlight text and then link it rather than just pasting the URL into the text, it makes for easier reading. So for example in the post above you could have written after each quote, “Watch it here” and then highlighted it and linked it.

    Or an even better idea would probably be to highlight a part of a sentence in each paragraphed quote. So for example I would have highlighted, “Lehman wants students to have vision” and linked the Youtube link.

    Here’s what that would look like – Lehman wants students to have a vision

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