I don’t want my students just reading literature, I want them to engage with what they are reading whether it’s through imagination or emotional involvement. Students will be able to grasp the main idea of their reading better through imagination and actually getting involved in what they read. This will not only help them become better readers but also better writers.

I am going to do a creative session, where I will ask my K-12 students to write their own drama in a group of five and present it to their class. Students can either video tape themselves and show their video in class or they can act out the the drama in person to the class.

7 thoughts on “Involvement

  1. Wow I enjoy teachers like that. When I was in HS, my global history teacher would let us play out events in History, would have debates about certain topics. I would always enjoy going to her classes. Because she taught us in such way, I still can remember a lot of topics we talk to about in that class.

  2. I agree with this idea my old high school teacher used to make us do this and we understood the readings alot better

  3. This is definitely an engaging strategy! I LOVE, LOVE this idea. The students will have so much fun.

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