History Evolution by time

The time by time can change everything from history, same with sports, teaching, culture, and rules. Taekwondo has been found in 19 century in Korea, back that time Taekwondo it is just Korean boxing, people they create this kind of martial arts just because they have to protect them-self and their families. The Sports historian found bunch of the wall paint in cave, on trees.

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After a long term period Taekwondo break the traditional way and culture,it slowly became an international sport and exercise. In 2000, Taekwondo is officially been add into part of the Olympic program, and many different people from many different country and places are also learning Taekwondo. It also changing into the business and career, it isn’t traditional culture anymore.


8 thoughts on “History Evolution by time

  1. Just read about Managers approving of their employees doing yoga during the work day, maybe taekwondo can produce similar beneficial results.

    • Never thought of that, it could be a great idea! XDNever thought of that, it could be a great idea! XD

  2. This post was interesting. I used to practice Karate and it’s almost like taekwondo. Thank you for the information i feel like i learned something new today =]

    • Actually the Taekwondo right now is transfered from karate, it has been change the traditional idea for taekwondo during early 20 century. So they both looks a little similar, but still a big different through the culture.

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