If you know something, say something. That’s how we solve problems….


The notion of freedom is great. By Expressing informations and thoughts, we establish freedom and solve problems. In this video by Jay Rosen, he illustrates that only way we find out our problem is exchanging information among each other. Once we spread information around the world, we identify global problem which makes us aware of that particular problem. So, we can stay away from problems before it takes an effect in our daily lives.

“One of the things that’s changing our world and disrupting our industry,” Rosen noted during his talk, is “the falling cost for like-minded people to locate each other, share information, pool what they know, collaborate, and publish the results back to the world. This is what makes open-source culture possible.” It’s also what makes possible Rosen’s notion of ‘audience atomization overcome‘:being connected and sharing information through, we can close the gap between people, culture, business and other aspects of our lives through web.

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