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Neeru Khosla describes all the advantages of flexbooks over textbooks.These are found here  A flexbook is a digital textbook that can be modified and adapted to serve whatever students and teachers need- it is a flexible textbook. It is an idea that is long overdue but now we have the technology to make it possible.Think about how grateful all those students will be, not having to carry around those heavy backpacks!

The CK-12 Foundation,founded in 2006,and funded by Neeru Khosla and her husband, has the ambitious goal of providing K-12 students access to high quality educational content ,for them to interact with by using a web-based format. These digital textbooks can be customized to suit different learning styles, languages, abilities and even locations.I like this idea since these materials can be updated and new ideas can be infused as they become available,  they meet state curriculum guidelines and best of all they are FREE.Here is a link of how a flexbook can be modified

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