Obesity today is one of the major concerns affecting our society and no one is realizing that  something needs to be done. We all should start eating healthier and be more active so the population does not increase. This image will make a better understanding for students  to realize what obesity is and looks like.

6 thoughts on “Obesity

  1. This image is hilarious. I planned out my next semester and besides taking 5 classes and doing Jumpstart, I will be going to the gym 3 times a week. Obesity needs to STOP NOW!

  2. Great example of using the the skinny kid and the obese kid. I think there should be lessons very early on obesity. In this country the average person is overweight, and we can put a stop to this one person at a time.

  3. I AGREE!!!!! Even though the latest statistics said that the obesity rates have gone down i still think we need to motivate our children that health and maintaining healthy is very important.

  4. Yes the image is a great one you’ve found and could present to your students. But what do you wish for them to create to exemplify obesity? Would they possibly create their own compositions by juxtaposing to images they find? Are they going to learn something by just simply doing that? Also I think it’s interesting to think about some other body image distortions that go on out there, including the widespread use of Photoshop to perfect a model’s body. Having students do their own body distortions could be interesting but, again what does that do? Might be interesting.

  5. This image just motivated me even more as I am already on my diet plan. Along with my diet I am also exercising. I strongly believe that students need to be educated more on obesity and their health in school. This is not only going to motivate the students but also make them realize how obesity is becoming an issue in society and the health hazards that come along with obesity.

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