Be More Open…Upgrade Your Thinking!


According to Professor Wiley, through openness we become better educators and better learners because openness is sharing and if there is no sharing, there is no education. Technology has helped our ability to share and give without giving our credentials away. “When knowledge or expertise is expressed in digital way it is no longer  a resource we have to compete for access to. However, when we think by the outdated reinforced law we tend to protect our intellectual property through copyright . When one protects his or her intellectual property,he or she is actually withholding the knowledge.Copyright is a “material of withholding  and not a culture of generosity of sharing and giving” as  David Wiley said in this YouTube video. Professor Wiley believes that there is no point in teaching or publishing intellectual information. By this, Professor Wiley simply means that if one goes on to  enforce his or her property (expertise)  with policies  then there is no point in teaching or publishing through digital means. These policies only takes away from the concept of openness which is sharing one’s intellect through the means of generosity.

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