Dan Cohen Poll

The question I asked in my poll was “Do you think that we will eventually solve pie or will it still be a mystery?

Based on my results, yes. Two of them suggested that “eventually someone will solve pi. It will take some time.”

The second poller said:

I believe that we will eventually solve the mystery of pie. If we look in the past, there was a time when people had no idea about internet and now internet has become a source of communication. In past, mathematicians have solved many mysterious things and I believe that in this advanced technological world, pie will be solved as well.

Based on the results I had, I was unable to formulate my own hypothesis because only 3 people answered the question, so that didn’t effect my opinion. But in my opinion I don’t think that pi will ever be solved. It’s a lot of numbers to deal with.

7 thoughts on “Dan Cohen Poll

  1. I agree that we need more answers to get to results. And I believe that Pie will be resolved one day.

  2. The thought of solving this mystery leaves me blank. I mean so many experts have tried to solve this mystery and its just been the same result…ongoing numbers…I believe this should just be kept a mystery. It hurts my head to think that anyone can come up with an answer to this mystery…even though nothing is impossible…

  3. Yes its a total mystery. But I believe that no one will ever solve it. In high school they told me that pi is 9 pages long of random numbers and Dan Cohen is saying that its infinite. So I don’t know what to believe anymore.

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