Edupunk and DIY Education

Although the word Edupunk seems weird, but the actual definition is something different from what I thought about it. Edupunk is basically teaching and learning through technology or also called Do It Yourself.

I like the idea of Do It Yourself. As Jim Groom and Brian Lamb state in their article:

 There are simply too many applications of open-source software, open content, and public-service teaching and learning practice to cover them all here.

This shows that Edupunk is a way of teaching and learning in openness. Long ago, the internet was only used as a search engine, but now its being used to connect the world. I believe that the best way to connect world is to find ways that can benefit people, which includes online learning.

Before, the idea of publishing was not that great, but now it is easy though blogging. As Jim Groom and Brian Lamb state:

Having signed up for a Gmail account, a user can publish websites with Blogger, manage groups and mailing lists with Google Groups, videoconference with Google Talk, write collaboratively with Google Docs, track topics with Google Alerts, manage syndicated feeds with Google Reader, share video with YouTube, post images with Picasa, and do whatever it is that Google Wave is supposed to do. We need not belabor the power and popularity of services such as Flickr, Facebook, and Twitter. All this incredible functionality is delivered in remarkably stable and user-friendly environments, and it’s available free of charge!

Google is an example of edupunk, where people can connect and learn many things by themselves.

I found this interesting Blog on Edupunk that explains what an Edupunk really want.  I like the following quote An edupunk is someone who doesn’t want to play by the old college rules, which is something I totally agree with.

I am also one of those people who want to save time from traveling around and rather sit in one place and connect with others to learn. I love online classes. There are many students around who need to work to survive and also come to college to learn. By the time, these students get to school, they are tired and they are not able to focus on the learning in class. I think that online education can be really helpful in this type of situation. If these students can use DIY technique or through Edupunk, they can benefit themselves by both working and learning at the same time.

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    • Thanks for the link, it is very helpful. I came to know that DIY and Edupunk is all about learning through internet, where people can share their knowledge to help others learn that. It is same as how you posted the tutorial for making animated gift and we all learned from it, therefore, we did it through DIY education. I love this type of education, where we can learn so much through these online sources, which are provided by others.

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