Freedom Of Ecology Response…

Do you agree with the mashing and remixing of others works while respecting the creator? Why or why not?

It very interesting that many of us share the same idea on the mashing and remixing of others work, yet at the same time giving credit to the owner of that production.

Some beliefs were:

I agree because it gives a chance to connect with others.

Through mashing and remixing we are able to build onto and update the work  of another based upon modification.

In doing so there is the possibility of a better product emerging… However, we must acknowledge their efforts and respect intellectual property rights.

Everyone understood the point that Lawrence Lessig was trying to get the mass to understand. The belief that individuals using shared culture to communicate an audience and to mediate a relationship with each other. He quotes from a video by Julian Sanchez explaining what remix is about,

Remix isn’t just about an individual doing something alone in his basement, it becomes an active social community. It doesn’t yield a different kind of product in the end but it potentially changes the way we relate to each other.

The point of mashing and remixing isn’t about changing others work but rather is enhancing in a culture people can relate too.

5 thoughts on “Freedom Of Ecology Response…

  1. Through mashing and remixing is a good to learn.
    it surly does gives us chance to connect or share our info with others.

  2. Remixing and mashing is a great way to update a piece of work. Through updating we are able to share more knowledge by modifying a piece of work that has been published. Technology has helped our ability to be open and share. I believe as long as we give credit to actual publisher, we should be able to remix and mash to update their work and still receive some credit for doing so.

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