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after reading all the responses I gathered from my poll,  I read pretty much what I expected. Most of the responses said they memorized the formulas for math problems. there was only one student who said they understood the concepts. There was also one student who said the only way to pass the math class was to memorize every thing which is pretty funny because thats how I survived high school math. This needs to change because this isn’t a very intelligent way to learn and understand the material. I asked my little cousin what 5 times 5 equal? and I got the write answer but then I asked her but why is the answer 25? and I just got a blank look. looks like she just remembered her times table

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  1. That’s true that understanding concepts i very important in math for long term understanding.

  2. Its true that memorization doesn’t work for the long run, but it also depends on how the tescher teaches her material …

  3. For me, math was never my favorite subject. The only way i passed my Math classes was to memorize the steps, formulas and nothing else. I think me and Math do not get along because i like one answer and sometimes there can me many answers – for example 3*3=6 and then they want you to reduce it, then it would be 2.

  4. Why is mathematics still such a problem to the majority of students, even with all the math method courses teachers study at college?

    • I’m guessing because there is only a few math teachers that make it fun. I’ve only had a a couple of teachers who made math fun and interesting. I think if you want to teach a math class, you need good jokes

  5. I definitely agree that the education system needs to change. I hate the fact we have to memorize stuff to educate ourselves. Memorizing is not a good way to learn. It actually made me hate school at one point. I don’t want to sit in a class and memorize. I am not a machine! I would like it if teachers makes it their priority to take their time and make sure students actually understand and not memorize what they are teaching. This will help better the institutions, hence we will help better students!

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