Poll Summary

After all the feedback received, everyone thinks the internet is a great way of learning. It assists everyone with any type of help. Everyone today uses the internet and helps them find anything they need. As I saw from responses, the internet gives an advantage for more learning and knowledge. The internet improves our education by finding all the information we need.

This quote I liked:

“I believe that if students are being able to operate the internet, it gives them advantages to learning. It is very clear that students love to use internet. Even if students use it for social networking they still learn something. Its a great way of getting knowledge on anything you want to know.”

8 thoughts on “Poll Summary

  1. I agree internet gives an advantage for more learning and knowledge. News-papers are also good source to learn from.

  2. The internet for some of us – is in our closest reach – for example if we need to look up directions or something else, most people can just log onto to their iPad or phone and receive there information in a matter of seconds. The internet is a very useful tool.

  3. I’m an old school guy, I would want my information from a newspaper…i wish i was a caveman

  4. Our world revolves around technology. We are feed information through the news, phones, newspapers. Remember how it was back in the days without technology?? Look how far we have advanced. Technology is definitely a great way to enhance our learning!

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