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My Poll Question – Chris Lehmann states standardized tests are cheap, easy and not good. He feels preparing the students for Reading and Math is Training not Education. How do you feel about standardized testing? Do you think it should exist? Yes or No? And do you think the standardized test is a form of Training, Education or both?

Based on my Poll – 7 people responded to my poll. Only one students agrees standardized testing should exist and the other 6 agree it should not. Here are some quotes from the Poll that stood out to me.

“I feel standardized testing is pointless especially when the students are so young.”

“Education should not be something we just leave in our short term memory and once class is over we forget it.”

“Standardized testing should exist – Educators need to know where there students stand.”

“Standardized testing challenges students ability to excel and challenge there knowledge.”

“Teachers focus so much on preparing students for a test than for the next school year, its ridiculous.”

2 thoughts on “Poll Summary ..

  1. I believe standardized testing should exist because it gives a teacher an insight on what area or topic the students need more time and help on. This will allow the teacher to find each students weakness. It will help teachers become better teacher’s and students become better learners.

  2. But I think Lehman is asking what the standardized test actually preparing the student for? You’re right that the test will easily point out which exercises the students are able to do, but do you think these exercises are valuable? In what way?

    Are there standardized tests that encourage students to discover answers on their own and express them through there own perspective?

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