Results of Poll on “Flexbooks”.

At the time of writing there are four responses to the question I asked based on the talk by Neeru Khosla. Based on these , it is clear that all four agree and support the idea of using flexbooks in the classroom. My question was asking for the impact flexbooks would have on teaching and all the responses tried in some way to answer it,for example, poller#3 said

Through flexbooks I will be able to give my students the latest version of the texts we read.I don’t want my students to be outdated like their textbooks and Ithink flexbooks can change that.

Poller #4 was excited about the idea of being able to modify a text.He says

My teaching will become more enhanced…If¬† I am able to modify what is in the textbooks, that would be wonderful.

The poll yielded the kind of results I expected since most teachers are looking for ways to improve their instruction.Flexbooks have numerous advantages over traditional textbooks but adopting them to a large system like New York might be slightly problematic,(imagine all the bureaucratic red tape). Those of my colleagues who listened to the talk, might have had a fair idea of the possibilities of flexbooks in the classroom. To get a better idea of flexbooks it would be very helpful to see how it can actually  be used.A video presentation give a better understanding of this innovation.


8 thoughts on “Results of Poll on “Flexbooks”.

  1. i never heard about flexbooks, but it sounds like a great idea! Some of the textbooks we use in class are so outdated. As a student i would be more engaged with the latest edition text.

  2. I think textbook is only helpful if it explains something clearly, whether flexbook or textbook. So far I have seen that the books we use dont make sense.

  3. Come on lets keep it old school and keep the textbooks. I want my future children to learn the same way I did.

  4. I believe textbooks should be banned from schools period. If we are not taught with the latest edition of a text we are basically being taught things that have been modified, hence things that may not be true anymore. For example, I was helping my little sister with her homework last night and found in her textbook that Pluto is still a planet. That has been modified because Pluto is not a planet any more. Textbooks are definitely outdated and I think Flexbooks are definitely a great way to enhance better education…:)

      • loooooool…u had me think twice for a minute until i saw ur second comment your “kiddinh”…sigh* that was a wake-up call..U pulled a good one on me…:)

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