From reading about Edupunk from Never Mind the Edupunks; or, The Great Web 2.0 Swindle, I learned that Edupunk was created by Jim Groom and has sparked a lot of conversation around the internet. Following the trail lead to a book that was published by Anya Kamenetz who published the book DIY U. From there I found this video about the author getting interviewed on The Daily. In this interview she talks about the future of education.


From there I found a Battle royal video with Jim Groom and Gardner Campbell in which Jim explains what Edupunk punk means. The quote can be seen here. From all these pieces of information I was able to give my own perspective on Edupunk. Edupunk was pretty much a rant about a certain group in this case blackboard and it evolved into a argument that pissed of a lot of people because of the DIY or Do It Yourself attitude.