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I recently learned how to fix my dryer with the above video which I found doing a simple Google search for “broken dryer doesn’t spin.” Tell the internet the symptoms of a problem, and it spits out a video made by some guy wearing a video camera on his forehead. Yes he’s wearing it on his head, and I’m positive because of this moment where both hands are visibly working on the dryer.

So why does this man make this effort to create a video and upload it online? Eric from his video’s description wants you to know that, “Home repairs like this are easy and can save you a lot of money if you are willing to try it yourself.” He’s right, I probably saved myself $100 at least. And I guess he wanted to share this simple point and teach me something I never would have likely ventured to do prior to the Internet. I literally had my laptop on the floor with the video while I was figuring out the part with the tension pulley underneath the drum.

Not really being much of a handyman in the analog world, the tutorials I’ve created and shared are more of the digital sort. The basics of how to make an animated GIF using GIMP as well as the one we created last week, making GIFs using the animation timeline in Photoshop. What’s most important about all these videos in my mind is the willingness of the creator to narrate the process in a conversational way that keeps the audience watching. In a sense, telling a story about something you want to teach, but also giving a glimpse of your personality as well.

So for today’s assignment, I want you to teach your classmates something in a tutorial video. You can use a video camera or create a screencast. What you wish to teach is completely up to you, but it should be something you’re knowledgeable enough about that you feel comfortable describing what you’re doing while you do it. It does not have to relate to your future K12 teaching plans, it just has to be a simple video tutorial. When you’re done with it, you should upload it to Youtube if you don’t have a Youtube account you can activate one with your gmail account).┬áThen, embed the video in a new blog post and make sure you describe why you chose to teach this particular process and what tools you used to make the video.

As far as how to make the video? Well in the DIY spirit of this assignment you need to figure that one out yourself! Work that Google machine, and if you need as questions in the comments of this post.

5 thoughts on “Teach Me Something

  1. Lol, I was just watching also a tutorial on how to fix something on my mac, i might just do that. cool

  2. How would i take a video from my laptop of my laptop, Idk if that makes sense, But i want to make a tutorial of me showing how i fix something on my laptop but how do i do a video using my laptop?

    • if you dont know any software then you should use video camera or iphone …transfer it in your laptop to windows movie maker…

  3. If it’s software related you should do a screencast with the built-in mic. Sometimes you can do this with the software that comes with the computer. On a mac you can do this with Quicktime, and possibly Windows Media Player?

    Search the Google!

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