*The Nines Trick*


My favorite subject is mathematics. There are A LOT of people who don’t like mathematics, so I decided to make a video on a mathematics trick. Hopefully people will learn to enjoy mathematics since there are tricks to the subject. The name of this trick is called The Nines Trick. The Nines Trick can only be used when multiplying 9 to any number up to 10.

Another way to do The Nines Trick is making a column of numbers on a sheet of paper from 0-9, then in the next column, write the numbers 9-0. Look below for further explanation.

0 9 = 9 x 1

1 8 = 9 x 2

2 7 = 9 x 3

3 6 = 9 x 4

4 5 = 9 x 5

5 4 = 9 x 6

6 3 = 9 x 7

7 2 = 9 x 8

8 1 = 9 x 9

9 0 = 9 x 10

If people do not believe that mathematics is simple, it is only because they do not realize how complicated life is.

18 thoughts on “*The Nines Trick*

  1. I watched your video last night with my little sister. My sister of seven loved your video because she is doing multiplication problems in her class. Great trick!

  2. I know that trick I always try to teach it to my little nieces i am going to try to use this tutorial maybe they will get it this way.

  3. i have seen people in college doing this, The finger trick always works! Great way to teach us, and i love your robe lol

    • Thank you very much. LOL @ the robe comment. Thank you. I am sick, so I decided to wear my comfy robe.

  4. omg! this is cool
    now when ever i work with kids i will show them this trick…
    As you can see i didn’t know this trick but my students showed me a different one long time ago.. but very nice.

  5. I am not a math. major and this will certainly appeal to kids. Are there any other math tricks for this age group?

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