How to connect your Macbook to your TV

1. You connect your adapter from your Mac to your TV

2. You press on System Preferences.

3. Next you click on display, you select arrangements and then check the box where it says display Mirrors.

Then what’s on your computer screen should pop up on your TV screen.


I used a video camera to take this video and uploaded it to youtube 🙂

11 thoughts on “How to connect your Macbook to your TV

  1. hmmmmm….listening to your video,I thought of my x-box. I want to play my x-box now. I am still a child inside…lol

  2. yes it does!!! But you have to get the newer version of the adapter, got mine for $30 bucks from Best Buy, but Im sure they have it in ebay for way less.

  3. does this apply to regular laptops meaning laptops that aren’t mac, and if so then this is great because i can use this for my jafra cosmetics slide show presentations, instead of buying a projector.

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