How to play Lapoda(Capital of sky)+To Alice on piano(advance player)

I used the digital HD camera recorded this video while i playing the piano and uploaded it to The Youtube.

I recored with my hand on the keys, I was about to recorded it over head, but i don’t have the high camera stand to do that. But i think u still can see the keys i heat/play.

The video is for the advance piano player who like to learn the different style on piano.


15 thoughts on “How to play Lapoda(Capital of sky)+To Alice on piano(advance player)

  1. WOW!!
    watching this video made me want to go back to learning how to play the piano.
    is a really nice background music.

    Great Job

  2. WOW! You have a great talent!! However, you did not show step by step how you played that piece of music. It would have been better if you talked along talking about the keys you pressed to get the rhythm. Your post is how to play Lapoda, but you didn’t explain how to actually play it, you just played it.

    • yea, i should done that lo…
      but i don’t really have time, so i just go like “let me just record this and go do my business”… lol

  3. Awesome stuff, I always wish I would have learned how to play an instrument. Maybe in the future.

  4. Amazing! Your Very talented! I wish i could play an instrument – but I’m always willing to learn.

  5. You are never sure as to who is sitting next to you in class and what talent they possess. I enjoyed this video and keep on playing….

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