origami heart

I used a camera to record this video because my laptop’s camera wasn’t working, then transferred it to my computer and then to youtube. For some reason it didn’t want to download so i had to stay up all night trying to fix the problem but thank goodness it worked. Ignore the background noise couldn’t get my baby sister out the house.

Hi guys so my video is teaching you guys how to make an origami heart. I used to do origami before with my students at work and i haven’t done it in a while and my students used to love it , so i though to teach you guys how to make an origami heart since Valentines is almost here. I hope you guys like it.


17 thoughts on “origami heart

  1. This is cool. A very unique way of making a heart without actually drawing it on paper and coloring it in. This is very creative and thoughtful!

    • I know very unique and creative.
      I also did flowers with my students and painted them, they loved it!

  2. awwwww this is so cute! Ill definitely do this for valentines day hahaha… but since you are my friend how about you do this for me 🙂

    • Your Welcome
      try it better with a red paper so it can have the color of the heart
      it looks way cuter

    • Yeah it’s really nice and relaxing (sometimes)
      I’ve tried a few origami shapes and they fun

  3. i will try it Andrea its a cool idea, do you have any other origami shapes you know how to make?

    • I did a flower one with my students two years ago
      Ill have to try it again and see if i can remember lol

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