Video Made the Student a Star


Todd Conaway is an instructional designer and educational technologist at Yavapai Community College, working with faculty on integrating technology and into their teaching in higher education courses. But in the video above he describes how his thirteen year-old daughter collaboratively creates music videos with friends around the world. Their process for making the video is distributed requiring a tremendous amount of thought and collaboration. The skills they are building may not fit in any particular K-12 curriculum, but Todd is certain they are valuable and is disappointed that none of her classroom experiences seem to resemble this kind of process.

For today’s blog post, you will create an K12 assignment that will require your future students to use video, audio, editing, narrating, etc. to express a particular piece of content or skill or assemblage of skills. You should consider how Todd believe’s “his daughter can do more” than the typical that is asked, for example to make PowerPoint presentations and change fonts in Word. Also look at examples of audio and video assignments in the ds106 site for inspiration.

You should either complete the assignment yourself as an example, or if not possible given it’s collaborative assignment for example, then you must make a video to explain the assignment. Upload your video to Youtube and embed it as part of your blog post.

4 thoughts on “Video Made the Student a Star

  1. Jess, I came home read the assignment over and I am confused too…:( Do we just make a video telling our students what to do or what? Or do we just embed a video that works for our assignment to our post from YouTube? Oh God! I am panicking! 🙁

  2. This assignment is similar to the K12 DS106 assignment. I’m asking you to come up with an assignment for your future K12 classroom that asks your students to create a video, audio piece, etc. as part of your K12 curriculum. Keep in mind you are creating an assignment that would have your students create a video and/or audio recording.

    To illustrate this assignment idea you must either create an example or create a video that explains the assignment.

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