Watch this video and look better on your picture!!

It’s been always a curiosity to me, how model’s face looks immaculate on their photos. I have been looking for tools to identify the hidden truth. This tutorial video shows how Photoshop can change your facial look just clicking the cursor. I have made this video with just simply with my iPhone. First, I have chosen a picture of a model then changed her facial look with the photoshop makeup.




6 thoughts on “Watch this video and look better on your picture!!

  1. It’s amazing what people are able to do in Photoshop! You did a really excellent job and you have a lot of patience which is a good thing.

  2. I found this amazing. Wow! I don’t even have to put on makeup to look nice in pictures any more. Saves my face from harm. I can just Photoshop and apply my makeup

    • YEAP get the sexy model looks with photoshop :P..
      Photoshop saves money from buying makeups too lolzzz,,
      There are so many things you can do with Photoshop
      once you put your time into it.

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