Major K-12 Assignment

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Students are going to do this assignment in groups outside of class as a major project grade. Students will video tape their drama and then edit it using the movie maker application. After this student’s will then burn their video on a CD and bring it in class for the class to view and judge. This assignment is going to enhance the student’s understanding of the study of plot and characterization in the drama Romeo and Juliet. Student’s will learn to analyze the imagery of the part of the sonnet they choose to act out. This will help the student’s actually have fun while they are doing the assignment. They will also be able to open up to some of their class mates and share their ideas on how they can make their part of the drama better and dramatic. It’s hand on understanding which will help students understand the play Romeo and Juliet better!

7 thoughts on “Major K-12 Assignment

  1. very fascinating… I love William Shakespeare’s novels. Amazing storyteller would be fun to do a play.

  2. I always wanted to do a play..
    This is a very good way for the students to open up and get to know each other in class. Its also good for those “quite” students who does not talk in class..
    great ideas!!
    I love it..

  3. lol at You guys wont have homework for a week i think they would love the assignment if they are not shy, but it will include every student since there are so many things to do when there is a play..
    Nice Assignment !

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