TELLING A STORY: Using no words!


For this assignment i wanted my students to come up with a dance number where they are telling a story, they would not be able to speak… body language is the only way they can express themselves. The point of this assignment is for them to practice working together as a team and being able to express themselves without using words. This may come difficult to them but thats what i want,, i wanted to challenge them in using different techniques to send a message across.

14 thoughts on “TELLING A STORY: Using no words!

    • ive actually tried this with 5 and 6 graders and its interesting because they don’t know how to express themselves without using words, so i guess grades 5 to 12

  1. I like that you are challenging your students. Sometimes we do not realize how hard it is to keep our mouths shut. We can express so much by just using our body movement and facial expressions. Good Job!

  2. This reminds me of when Angelina ballerina and her friends did a dance telling the story of Goldy locks and the three bears. Are you going to be a dance teacher? And this is an awesome idea.

      • hahahahaha i wanna be a bilingual teacher but i definitely wanna own a dance school where i can do things like this =)

  3. Me Gusta!!!!
    nice assignment.. I agree with Perla it reminded me of Angelina Ballerina because my sister loves watching that show.

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