Do You Need Your Own Digital Space?


In the above presentation at 2010 OpenEd Conference, Gardner Campbell asks you to “think the unthinkable” about the future of education and in particular takes to task the use of educational technologies designed to mimic the old model of classrooms. He also presents these ideas in his essay, “A Personal Cyberinfrastructure.” Both of Gardner’s texts are in part inspired by Jim Groom’s “A Domain of One’s Own.” Jim aks the question, why not give everyone their own domain, from which all of a student’s academic endeavours will be aggregated to a variety of places they inhabit during their time in college. It would become a space that a student would be,

…crafting of an identity with a purpose, the conscious consideration and creation of one’s professional/academic identity online: a domain of one’s own!

To Jim and Gardner, the need to stop fashioning for students special spaces for teaching and learning is a principal problem. They wish for educators to start looking to the internet itself as it’s classroom, where you carve out your own space to teach and learn (a bit like what we’ve done here with

For this winter session you’ve been given a space to contribute to as an author, but now it’s time to take your work and place it into your own domain. To do this you are going to need to export your posts through the Dashboard’s Tools > Export function which will give you an .XML file that includes all of your work.

After that you will need to create either a free blog, or step-up and buy your own webhosting plan and with WordPress installed. Either is fine, though commercial hosting plans give you a lot more flexibility and control. Here is a link to how to create your on blog with a commercial host, and the option is pretty self explanatory (the site guides you through the process).

So there are two assignments for your last efforts in this class:

1. Create your own blog:

  • Export your posts from this blog and import them into your own blog.
  • Create an “About” page on which you give a brief description of yourself and your professional goals. You are also welcome to create additional pages and include any kinds of materials you’ve created in other courses or on your own.
  • Pick a theme for your blog and customize it. Add any plugins you’d like. Remember, this is now your space, it’s up to you to cultivate it!

2. Make one final post to In this post please include:

  • a link to your blog;
  • a reflection on the texts of Gardner Campbell and Jim Groom by finding an image, audio, and/or video that you speaks to your understanding of their work. Also be sure to quote either or both of them at least once in your reflection;
  • and finally describe what you expected to get out of this class, and if that changed as the course proceeded. What was most important to you? What was least important?

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3 thoughts on “Do You Need Your Own Digital Space?

  1. Hey prof, I wanted to ask what does it mean to reblog a post? And is it okay to copy somebody’s blog and ping them…say for example someone writes about a topic you found interesting, and you wanted to make your own version of that, can you do that?

  2. Reblogging your own post means to post the same content on two blogs. Which is what I was suggesting you do if you’d like to post any of your last assignments to your new personal blog as well as the edtech blog.

    As for finding work by someone else, think of the blog post as something to quote as you would in a paper, except it’s even easier as you can link back to the original source. And because blog writing tends to be more conversational than say formal academic writing, you can write in your post why you’re interested in the other writer’s work and why you’re looking to do something with it.

    • Oh okay, cool. Thanks! I really got into this blog, I have been reading about people’s blogs to get ideas of what I can write in my blog, its just I also don’t know how to get people to read your blog. I have been doing research on how to get people to read one’s blog but you have to be patient with that I guess.

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