Newton’s three laws of motion


I chose three videos which demostrated Newton’s three laws of motion, I narrated where necessary and I gave an example of what the final assignment can look likeĀ in which all three laws of motion are demonstrated in a single video. I am trying to encourage creativity, hence, the rapĀ video and animation.

For this video, I used a program called Snagit which records your computer screen. I uploaded the video in Windows Live Movie Maker, edited it and added a picture and title. I then uploaded this video to youtube.



8 thoughts on “Newton’s three laws of motion

  1. I love the rap and the beginning animations they look funny, and will capture the students attention.

  2. I love your examples are great…your examples made it easier to understand the assignment better. I think your student’s will have a great time doing this assignment!

  3. nice video
    it brought memories where I was learning the laws too but now with the video I understand it better
    I think students would like it too

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