10 thoughts on “Phys Ed How To Assignment

  1. Similar thing happen to me, I forgot to add microphone then recorded the whole thing, notice it had no sound, but anyways nice presentation 😉

  2. Its pretty good presentation you did..You should have zoom the MS little bit..
    or is it me that cant see well?

  3. Thanks guys. I didn’t realize it was that unclear when I was recording it. I will definitely keep it in mind if I use this in the future.

  4. Nice assignment you got there.. I think students might like it too and might have fun too doing this assignment

  5. Great assignment! I like the fact that you pointed out what youtube is capable of doing…lol..teaching us how to do everything from playing games to getting real with school assignments..:D

  6. I like this is would be a great assignment but i wish you could have zoomed it in a little more … good job though!

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