Weight training h.w.

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7fpO9Dt7Bg[/youtube]If I were to teach weight training at a high school, I always had one assignment in mind. I would want the students to record themselves doing a certain exercise. This is a good idea because it shows to yourself what your are doing right or wrong. You can analyze your video to see if your reps are consistent. It would be easier to teach if I can show the student what he or she is doing wrong when he or she has an example they can see for themselves.

This would be the kind of video I would be expecting, I made this video  and I noticed that I made some mistakes too. Another assignment you can do for this is to look up videos of a professional lifter and see how his or her reps look.



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  1. I agree they can benefit from recording their sessions as well as video recording can be a new way of keeping their workout logs.

    • well I want them to record themselves so I can help them point out what they are doing right or wrong. Think of looking at tapes of when your playing sports, The coach would point out the team’s mistakes through video

  2. This weight training part scares me lol…
    Sometimes we cant tell what we are doing..I like where you said “You can analyze your video to see if your reps are consistent”
    Good job!!!:D

  3. I like your assignment because i”m sure most students are visual learners and it’s a good way to see yourself and you can examine if your doing the exercise right or wrong. Great Job!

  4. Getting that pre-class pump in! This is a cool idea because it will help students use the correct form with their lifts. Thats real important when teaching weight training to beginners. They can hurt themselves if they aren’t doing it correctly. This would be a great learning tool.

  5. I like your assignment. It is a good way to teach your students what they are doing right and wrong.

  6. umm.. I agree that this works because in my old high school we had to take weight training as a gym course and all the girls including myself were so confused… so this would have definitely benefited us if my teacher would have done this assignment.

  7. If this was a class assignment for me, I’d probably fail, I can’t lift weights at all, more of a cardio person.

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