Cyber in 2011

Gardner Campbell explains about blogs and how we can use internet to our benefit and educaation. One thing that stood out the most for me while watching this video was “Narrate, Curate, Share” and i also found and article from him too ‘Narrate, Curate, Share’: How Blogging Can Catalyze Learning and you can see in the second page that he explains clearly what they mean. I think these three practices would help people learn a lot not only because they would be blogging but they would be sharing ideas to people from different parts of the world and it expands knowledge.

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According to Campbell with this video game you can creat your own levels “you ca be a participant and a producer “

Jim Groom

“Remember when the Internet was about opening up access to information and breaking down the barriers between content creators and content consumers? Think back to when spam was just a meat-like substance. To those heady days when Timothy Leary was predicting that the PC would be the LSD of the nineties. Before the DMCA. Before eBay. Back when the Web was supposed to be a boundless Borgesian ‘Library of Babel’ and not a global supermarket. Forget that the dot-com era ever happened—if you were an investor or working for stock options back then, maybe you already have.”

Taking this course has changed the way I look at techonology and school. I expected to have a different kind of teaching in this classroom, it was totally different from what we are doing now. I am really glad I am taking this course because I actually learned  few things about websites and techonlogy, since I want to creat a website for a small program I run in my country, thats helping poor students. The most important for me is to remember how to do everything I did in this class, so that when I start teaching I can apply it to my lessons and that my students can enjoy as much as I did. And here is a link to my page

8 thoughts on “Cyber in 2011

  1. Great video and great images on Edupunk, it well explains what technology is capable in helping us doing.

  2. The pictures do explain what edupunk is, and you wanting to help out children less fortunate is great!

  3. I’m a big fan of Gardner’s Narrate, Curate, and Share montra as well. I think it’s really important how he doesn’t just think students need to do this, but he also takes to task faculty as well. He believes if more faculty were out there describing how and why they do what they do, higher education would be transformed. The connections possible students to faculty, faculty to faculty, and student to student would be so much more rich.

    Also great to hear you have specific plans to take your newly developed skills back home. And don’t worry about “remembering” everything, I’ve forgotten more technical skills than I remember. I just learn what I need to learn in order to accomplish a given task. Some of these things stay with me, as I use them over and over, others I’d have to figure out all over again. But the most important skill is feeling you can figure it out! DIY #4life!

  4. That’s really cool Andrea and hopefully you will be able to do that and maybe you can give me some pointers because since the last time I went to Mexico I’ve been talking about trying to help my families hometown and the towns surrounding them with the kids education system in terms of supplies etc.

  5. I want to get the pin that says “Edupunk changed my life.” LOL. Your blog theme is pretty. I will also take what I learned in this class and introduce it to my future students.

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