According to Gardener Campbell  “Personal Cyberinfrastructure”  is what we learn through the internet with no help, just though investigating the web to help solve our problems. We as students use this space to create a personal space where we share information, for our professional career or personal life. Campbell states:

“students not only would acquire crucial technical skills for their digital lives but also would engage in work that provides richly teachable moments ranging from multimodal writing to information science, knowledge management, bibliographic instruction, and social networking. Fascinating and important innovations would emerge as students are able to shape their own cognition, learning, expression, and reflection in a digital age, in a digital medium.”

“Pointing students to data buckets and conduits we’ve already made for them won’t do. Templates and training wheels may be necessary for a while, but by the time students get to college, those aids all too regularly turn into hindrances. For students who have relied on these aids, the freedom to explore and create is the last thing on their minds, so deeply has it been discouraged. Many students simply want to know what their professors want and how to give that to them. But if what the professor truly wants is for students to discover and craft their own desires and dreams, a personal cyberinfrastructure provides the opportunity. To get there, students must be effective architects, narrators, curators, and inhabitants of their own digital lives.”

The above quote is an example of what I created in my blog; I created my personal blog where I provided my opinions, and sources that can help others with their education career.  And Jim Groom reflects this also on his essay, our personal cyber space allows us as students to help each other out.

“The key here is the crafting of an identity with a purpose, the conscious consideration and creation of one’s professional/academic identity online: a domain of one’s own!”


*Reflection on AC230: 

What I expected to get out of this class was nothing close to what I have learned. I wasn’t aware of all these bloggers and their ideas on education. I expected to learn simple things but never on how to create a blog and what edupunk was etc. As the course proceeded I saw how little I really knew and how much I can incorporate what I had learned into my lessons, I found myself writing lesson plan ideas down, because the internet was something I could use for my future teaching career. The most important thing was the skills I learned with posting and embedding pictures and videos, incorporating that into my lesson plan. There wasn’t anything least important to me because everything I learned was something new and I knew at the moment that I could use that for my future lessons. Professor Smith made sure we knew what we were doing yet he allowed us to teach ourselves, after taking this course I feel like I’m capable of doing a lot more than I did before, I am definitely going to be using these techniques in my classroom.


  1. I love your reflection on Ac 230. Professor Smith honestly did a wonderful job with enforcing the DIY theory on us….lol.

  2. N. Cedillo and @Ms. Redwood the image is Giulia Forsythe’s and I love these images as she calls them “visual note taking.” Yet another way to re-imagine a time honored process, taking notes with digital tools and a butt load of creativity.

    And the last quote from the two paragraphs of Gardner Campbell is real one of the most striking to me. It really takes professors to task by pointing out the mechanical nature of most teaching, by talking about the students’ perspective of it – just tell me how to get a good grade, that’s all I care about. And he imagines what teaching and classrooms might be like if instructors cared most about wanting students, “to discover and craft their own desires and dreams.”

    It’s what I aspire to get better at every chance I can.

  3. it’s so true Professor Smith wanted us to learn by ourselves which for me didn’t make sense at the beginning but now i know why… I really enjoyed the class too =]

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